Established in 1951. Oilfield Specialty Distributors serves the oil & gas industry and industrial markets as wholesale distributors. We provide premium quality products at competitive prices to oilfield and industrial supply companies and to OEM accounts. Our business has endured by providing excellent customer service, maintaining superior inventories and well trained employees that look forward to serving our customers needs.

OSD has been a Warehouse Distributor for Gates Rubber Company since 1976 and a Master Distributor for Bowie Industries since 1986.

Power Transmission Drive Design

As a Warehouse Distributor for Gates Rubber Company, our employees are trained to provide customers with the most efficient and economical drive design options powered by Gates V-Belts. OSD maintains a full and complete inventory of Gates V-belts.

Hose Application
and Fabrication

Our staff is trained to assist customers in making sure they get the correct Gates hose for their application. We cut and couple all types of oilfield and industrial hose requirements.

Pump Application

As a Master Distributor for Bowie Industrial, we are trained to assist customers to make sure they get the right Bowie Rotary Gear pump for the right application. 

Paint and Coatings

OSD is a distributor for Rust-Oleum Corporation. We specialize in Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings and can color tint to customer specifications. We stock other Rust-Oleum industrial coatings as well as other sundry painting supplies.

Superior Products

OSD sells the entire line fo Superior Products. From chokes, BPRS, Ball Checks, Bleed Rings, Level Indication, Level Controllers, Midstream Products and Chemical Injection.

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